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Formation of Bazna Pig

The Bazna Pig was formed by the cross-breeding between the pigs brought by the Sachsen when they came to Ardeal - Transylvania around year 1800, called Sattelschwein, with Mangalita Pigs existing already in these areas. 
We think the story of Bazna pig formation between the Berk pig and the Mangalita pig is a beautiful communist story with a shred of truth. In year 1872 when the railway works were unfolding in locality Bazna, administrator Francois Eirilich had brought from England a Berk boar and a sow. The sow had died during the travel. This story was told over and over by the elder people from Bazna. Do you think that from a boar and mangalita sows without white belt a breed with white belt could be formed? The elderly from Bazna say that there were pigs with white belt already before the arrival of the Berk boar, and they were the result of the cross-breeding between the local breed and the pigs brought by the Sachsen. 



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