The Bazna pig

A country of crazy people. We have the Bazna pig that has a meat with unmatched taste qualities in comparison with the meat breeds, it is tender, it has a superior taste, color, smell and aspect, but presently these qualities don’t count for nothing. Normal …? 
Everything is purely commercial. For example, a pig with 8mm think bacon and 120 kg is more rentable for a butchery ? in comparison with a pig with 30 mm bacon, and if we presume that the pigs have 75 kg each, the one that has less fat in its body is more rentable for the butchery or for the market compared with the one with more fat, even if the second one has a much better meat. The problem is what does the butchery do with the bacon, and from here start all the laws that classify pork, especially in the European Community. If they would have let the household pigs to be sacrificed in the butcheries, the imported meat would not have been sold, and only 2 -3 small butcheries would have survived in every small town or locality. But everybody was forced to obey to the European Law and if somebody owned a small butchery, had to bring it to the European standards, that is many rooms, a work flow, installations and a technology that costs between 100.000 – 1.000.000 euro. Then, you sold your products in the same small locality. When could you recover your investment? In Germany, you can have only 2 rooms and you can sell only on an area with radius of 30 km, even if you don’t have European standards. This is how they made us not breed local pigs, that have a higher quality of the meat. The small butcheries received the same price per kilogram for the meat pig, as for the fat pig. And the big butcheries were doing very well. Nowadays, in the USA, there is a high demand for the pig with thick bacon, they are paid better per kilogram than the meat pigs. They have reached this conclusion after they saw that the demand for pork is decreasing, and the demand for beef and mutton was increasing. The cows and the sheep are bred on pasture, in a natural environment and have much higher taste qualities than the pork, which is bred in an artificial environment.



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